Pastor Bill Haynes

Hey everybody! This is Pastor Bill.  I was studying at VCU, hoping to be an artist, when the Lord first called me to preach. Yeah, that's right, called before I was even saved! A couple of years later I attended a Christian businessman's meeting and surrendered to the Lord.

In 2002 I was ordained with RMF and began pastoring the Rock Church located in Newport News, now called Rock Church Christian Center.

I love the outdoors, fishing, golfing, hunting and also am an NFL football fan. So you can imagine where I get my illustrations! lol.  I am also a Mr. Fix-it  type of guy, watching Youtube videos to repair just about anything.

As a pastor, I greatly desire to see people get delivered from bondage and back on track with God. There is always HOPE with the Lord!

Pastor Colleen Haynes

Hi! I'm Colleen.  After seeking truth through eastern mysticism, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that Jesus was the Way, the Truth and the Life.  Immediately I wanted to learn as much as I could, but I had to work to pay off college debt before I could attend Bible School. 

Eventually, the Lord led me to work at Youth Challenge in Newport News, and later

I met Bill at Rock Church in 1991. Three years later we were married, and later were blessed with two sons, Benjamin and Jonathan.

I like having fun! I like line dancing, NFL football, Fantasy Football, riding my bike and playing board games, especially Catan. I enjoy my freedom in Christ!

I have a passion to know the heart of God and live more in His presence. I love studying His Word and desire to see His Truth radically change lives.